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Dan McCool

Dan McCool Fine Art

Richland, WA


Citizen of the world, adventurer, artist, photographer, father, grandfather, dog lover, food and wine enthusiast.

My name is Dan McCool. I'm an active guy living in the heart of Washington Wine Country. I run my own photography business, and have a cockapoo named Finn the Ferocious LoveBug. I love traveling and in the best of worlds I would divide my time evenly between the ocean, the mountains and the desert. I hike, I kayak, I ski, and I take lots of photographs. And I drink wine.

I'm not a rock star (I did play in a band in my 20′s, and currently do solo gigs at local restaurants, pubs and wineries). I'm not a professional athlete (captain of the high school football team was my claim to fame). I'm not a male model (though I was an extra in a Spanish Yul Brenner movie, filmed in Barcelona). I'm not internet famous (at least not yet). But I do have a passion for photography, and life in general. I intend to come sliding head first into home base in a cloud of dust...


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Big Sur

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Death Valley

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